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Jackson's Computer Services uses FileMaker Pro software to create custom, user-friendly databases.

Projects for clients have included databases for the management of organization membership records, custom complex invoicing systems, contact management, mailing lists, database desktop publishing, complex form creation, legal databases, time-tracking and sales estimating.

FileMakerPro is a powerful, yet easy-to-use. Some of the features of FileMaker Pro include:

Seamless cross-platform compatibility; databases can be accessed by Windows or Macintosh computers at the same time

Instant Web Publishing - make all or part of your database accesible on the web quickly

Databases can be served locally in your office, or can be served by an outside company

Databases can grow with your company — start with a few computers, then grow the solution as your business grows.

During development of databases, staff at Jackson's Computer Services works very closely with clients to develop databases that are powerful, but easy to use. Data-entry is optimized, and detailed, custom reports are created. Clients can choose how best to have a database developed. Jackson's Computer Services can create the entire database or teach you how to create your own, or a combination.

Jackson's Computer Services can support any version of FileMaker Pro from FileMaker Pro 2.1 to the current version, FileMaker Pro 12. Jackson's recommends clients use the most current version of FileMakerPro to get the best results.

Jackson's Computer Serives can migrate databases written in older versions to the newest version of FileMaker. Or take data from Access databases or Excel spreadsheets to create a custom database.

Jackson's Computer Services is expert in the creation of complex database software applications.

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