Jackson's Computer Services

De-Clutter Your Electronics!

Do you have a pile of unwanted electronics in your home or office? Old computers, computer parts, hard drives, monitors, printers, cables, CDs, software, floppy disks, wires, or unknown, mysterious electronic devices?

Want to figure out what to keep and what to throw out?

Do you need to retrieve data from an old computer? Jackson's can retrive the files and convert the files to a useable format.

Don't know what to do with the old equipment?

Do you want to get rid of old computers, but, don't know how/don't have time to erase them?

Jackson's Computer Services can take care of your old, unwanted electronic clutter. Jackson's will

  • sort items to give away or recycle
  • determine which items you need to keep and which items you can safely give or throw away
  • securely erase or destroy old hard drives
  • convert old documents to a readable format
  • locate where the electronics can be recycled
  • if you live in the City of Albany, Jackson's will take the unwanted items to the City's recycling bin*

Spring is here, and its time to get rid of unwanted, useless electronic devices!

Call Jackson's today and your unwanted stuff will be gone tomorrow!


*Very large or heavy items may require special arrangements


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