Jackson's Computer Services

Jackson's Computer Services specializes in the Macintosh computer. Having worked extensively with Macintosh computer systems since 1989, Jackson's Computer Services can provide you with expert support for you Macintosh system.

Jackson's Computer Services provides these services for your Macintosh computer system:

  • Software installation and setup

  • Hardware installation and setup

  • Training

  • Troubleshooting

  • Routine maintenance

  • Networking and file-sharing

  • Setup of servers

  • E-mail systems

  • Cross-platform support; sharing files and networks between Macintosh OS and Microsoft Windows

  • Emergency on-site visits

  • Setting up internet connections and ethernet networks.

Jackson's Computers Services does not sell software nor hardware. As consultants, we can give you the best advice and training for your needs. Please call 518-434-6659 or email to discuss your system support needs.

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